MACBETHMacbeth was my required read for last week. I’ve never actually read it before, I only knew the general scope of the story two weeks ago.

Macbeth, a good general and a strong guy, has been told he will rise to the position of king. Excited but filled with disbelief, Macbeth returns home to his wife and tells her of the prophecy. In response Lady Macbeth says, “That’s great, honey! So we’ll murder the king (This isn’t the exact wording, but you get the idea).” Macbeth is nervous, but reluctantly agrees.

When King Duncan comes to dine, he is drugged and killed that night. Lady Macbeth hides the bloody dagger with the grooms and congratulates Macbeth on a job well done. Macbeth is king and Lady Macbeth queen.

To hide the crime and finish the job, Macbeth has several friends and relatives of the previous king killed. Malcolm and Donalbain leave to escape their so-called “friend.”

Macduff’s wife and children are killed and Lady Macbeth is going mad. Macbeth is to go to battle with his rivals (the surviving men). Macbeth is killed and the madness has ended.

A gruesome, but entertaining story.

I am currently in the middle of Romeo and Juliet (Note: it isn’t as mushy as you think). Until next time…


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