The Once and Future King

The Once and Future KingThe Once and Future King by T.H. White was a beautiful book. The life of King Arthur, these four parts were the beautiful chapters of King Arthur’s journey as leader of Britain.

The Sword in the Stone, first up, was a witty story that chronicled Wart’s (King Arthur) education. Merlyn’s magnificent lessons make for an entertaining story and Wart’s gentle, but brave, demeanor creates a likable character.

The Queen of Air and Darkness was also a good story, telling of how Arthur founded the Round Table and gathered all his good friends. The funny tale of King Pellinore and the questing beast was enjoyable.

The third tale, The Ill-Made Knight, was the story of Sir Lancelot, the not-so-great knight (hence the title). Lancelot and Gwynevere’s romance is depicted in this part of King Arthur’s life.

Last, but not least, is The Candle in the Wind; the tale of how King Arthur’s kingdom fell. His son Mordred is consumed with hate and wishes to take the kingdom for his own. His methods? Proving that Gwynevere and Lancelot have been hiding a barbaric romance behind the king’s back. Mordred attempts to prove his claim and manages to do so when Lancelot goes to bid Gwynevere goodnight. The queen will be put to death unless proved innocent. Lancelot saves his lady love, but in the process kills Sir Gawaine’s brothers and charts out his own fate. After a trial, Gwynevere is declared innocent and Lancelot banned to roam forever. This is the last time the three shall be together, for King Arthur goes to war against Mordred soon and his doom awaits; his reign has collapsed.

A great book, I enjoyed reading about the king so many pieces of literature speak of. I hope to finish The Book of Merlyn next, so as to finish the tales of King Arthur.

Until next time…

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