Buddy’s Birthday

Yesterday we got the chance to celebrate a very special person: my brother. Not to mention get off of doing school, sleep in, and watch movies. Sweet, right?

But the day isn’t about special privileges. No, it’s about having fun with my bud, the best little guy I could have ever have around. March 11 is all about him being here.

It’s always a fun day, but it also means getting up before the birthday boy (or girl) and putting up decorations. It’s been a tradition of mine since I started in 2009 and I’ve held to it ever since. This year’s decorations consisted mainly of my brother’s Angry Birds toys, streamers I had from February, and balloons in “guy colors.”

When the birthday boy got up he was greeted by an iPad with barely any battery and the firm instruction “not to go out until the decorations are finished.” Yeesh!

After the general “happy birthday,” “good morning,” etc., Mom and Pop got up to help us celebrate. Then we headed out to buy my brother a birthday toy.

When we got to the store,  my brother chose a fun Angry Birds toy in which he could build and destroy the Death Star.

After that, we headed to Chuck ‘E’ Cheese’s! We enjoyed some games and fun stuff, earning tickets to buy prizes! I managed to get bonus tickets on the ticket machine twice! Cool!

Once we were out of tokens and had picked out prizes we headed to the park. We snacked on chips and ice cream. A couple games issued forth and we had tons of fun. It was a fun day!

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One Response to Buddy’s Birthday

  1. dogfordavid says:

    sounds like a wonderful birthday for him 🙂

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