Daddy’s Device

new imacEveryone in our house has a favorite device. Joe likes anything with games, the girls like anything that has creative possibilities, and I, personally, prefer the laptop. We kids daydream about when we can have our own device, but for now we don’t have to worry about the problems of one.

Pop’s got his own iMac, which has been giving him his fair share of complications.

Recently, he went out and got a brand new computer. Fresh out of the box, complete with keyboard and touch mouse. Pop was thrilled to get his new device so he could (as he words it) “actually watch it work!” While it’s a cool device, it still has its fair share of problems.

Pop had to go to the Apple store three times yesterday. He had to upgrade it, wait for it, and go for a new USB connection. I even got to go with him the third time. The drive was fun (as I was in the front seat) but Pop was just eager to get his computer back. Poor Pop!

In the end he had his computer and now he’s trying to get it to work. I can imagine he wants to use it, but sadly no one gets what he wants immediately. In the long run, Pop’s patience will be worth it. He will actually be able to use the computer and “watch things work.”

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