You’re A Bookworm

Monday night, I was reading. My sisters asked if I could play with them. “In a minute,” I replied, absorbed in my book. Two minutes passed. “Can you play with us now?” they asked. “In a minute,” I replied, intent on finishing my book. By the time I finished reading, the girls weren’t going to play anymore!

While it was a funny experience, I recall one of my siblings saying, “She’s not going to play until she’s finished. She’s a bookworm.” She even joked about what color I might be.

Although I laughed about the joke, I now think of how I inherited my parents’ love of reading. It’s hard to put down a book when you’re in the middle of it. If the book is part of a series, then I want to read the other books. I truly am a reader at heart.

Thanks to my “bookworm state” I’ve finished The Inferno which was very entertaining. So now I’m trying to ‘worm’ my way through Purgatory. Lets just hope I’ll get it done as quick!

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One Response to You’re A Bookworm

  1. dogfordavid says:

    books can truly be wonderful things : )

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