Girls of Many Lands

Girls From Many LandsLast Friday I got the chance to find some books that I was personally very pleased with: Girls of Many Lands. Each book is set in history, with a twelve-year-old girl as the heroine. I found it funny that the regular American girl books have ten-year olds (which corresponds with my 10th B-Day) and these twelve-year olds, the age I am turning.

I got seven books with seven different countries: England, France, Ireland, Turkey, Ethiopia, India, and China. Each had a unique cover showing different girls. I have read three of the books and am currently in the middle of another.

My favorite book so far was Kathleen: The Celtic Knot. It was very entertaining. Her book was one of the first I found, the cover catching my eye: A girl with red locks and a spray of freckles across her face; her eyes dance joyfully and an independent smile plays on her lips.

I am currently reading the book Leyla: The Black Tulip in which young Laleena is bought to work as a slave girl. Her name is changed and she must learn to cope with her new position as apprentice gardener.

I hope to finish all the books with a satisfied opinion of them.

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