Books to Read

Last Friday, Mom told us we are going back to an old tradition: getting required reads! Yes, that’s right. We have required  books to read.

Every week we will be getting a non-fiction, a biography, and a couple of other classic books we should read.

Finding books was even more fun, searching for just the right biographies and nonfiction! I enjoyed reading my educational books, but I also managed to finish my classic books, other “required” reads.

Canterbury Tales and Sir Gawain and the Green Knight were both pretty good reads (for those of you who know there is a full version of Canterbury Tales and Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, Mom got me the comic version of the first and abridged version of the second); both were both entertaining and magical.220px-Chaucer_ellesmere

I’m glad we got back to that old tradition and I’ll soon be writing about an interesting series I found…

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