Little Talks

Whenever I’m feeling down, need a little help on growing issues, or just could use some spiritual guidance, I know there are always three people I can talk to: Pop, Mom, and the Lord.

My dad is always there for me and he wants to here what I say. When I feel I can’t deal with me, I go to him. He’s usually there to talk to me about my everyday problems and stuff.

On the other hand, my Mom is great for those out of the house issues. If I feel like I don’t know what to do, I can always come to her. I’ve had issues with friends, kids, and others in life outside of our house that I need someone to come to (plus Mom’s good for girly talks if I’ve got questions).

Then there’s last, but not least, the Lord. My parents are both human and often I can’t turn to them because they are partly the cause of my frustration! When I need someone who can calm me and listen to me, I turn to my God, especially if I feel like I’m going to blow. These people help me, listen to me, and I learn from our “little talks.”

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