Out of the New and Into the Old…

Jumpstart 1st GradeOver the past few days we’ve gone back to old traditions.

Thursdays (normally computer days) are now not gaming days! They’re educational programs day.

Years ago the good Jumpstart games were our Thursday thing until our computer broke down. Our Uncle gave us one of his computers, but unfortunately none of the games work. So we resorted to a new Jumpstart program.

We finished it completely in a month or two, since the “learning process” is very simple. It seems that, for these games, they cared more for fun than education!

Until recently, we were playing whatever we wanted. Mom decided to put an end to us playing regular games and find some new educational games for us to play.

I don’t mind it at all, as long as I don’t have to play the new Jumpstart.

Another thing I’m back to is working on Dramatica Pro, an excellent program that helps you get the important stuff down. I’ve used it before and I use it to write down all the stuff I need with me when I’m writing.

Dramatica creates a basic outline and pages of information on your characters and plot. I’m currently using it again, this time re-writing the story I started before, hoping to use the good stuff and add new things.

I hope that we’ll have fun as well as learn and I hope that maybe Dramatica can help me with my writing.

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