Because That’s How Writer’s Are…

This post was written for all my fellow writers out there.

Ever had the feeling like you never finish a story, because you keep getting an idea for another? I have this problem all the time! Sadly, my creativity can only stretch so far, and the older my ideas are, the less inspiration touches them.

But I recently purchased a book that I hope will help me with my writing. Writing Your Way by Don Fry was a book I got at Barnes & Nobles, which I am currently trying to push through. For those writers who feel like they have to go by one writing process, back up your thinking!

This book shows you how to find your own way of writing. I’ve been working through it, trying to pick out techniques I can use, and so far it’s been pretty helpful. Now that I’ve been using the book I’ve been going through stories with a fine-toothed comb. I’ve found what I want and tried to let my “inner writer” out. Maybe I’ll finally be able to finish some of my stories…

Wishing you all the best luck with whatever you write!

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One Response to Because That’s How Writer’s Are…

  1. dogfordavid says:

    and wishing you the best of luck too 🙂

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