Grey Griffins

Recently, I found the ending book to an old series I read. The series is primarily based on the adventures of Natalia, Harley, Max, and Ernie; the Gray Griffins team.

Natalia is the quick-thinking planner and strategist, who is close friends with Harley, the inventor. Max however is the leader with a special magic called Skyfire, and his closest friend is Ernie, the companionable changeling.

Magic exists in the world they know, but only to certain people. In the latest book I found, the Griffins are trapped in a parallel universe, where although similar, the bad things have changed to good. And their one and only enemy, Von Strife, is surprisingly pleasant and popular!

Most of the Griffins enjoy this new world, but Harley hates it. Why? He considers it a world where there’s another you out there and everyone treats you like the other you. To top things off, their old friend, Iver, (whom they thought dead) is back! Iver was loved among them, but now he explains that they are on Earth Beta, not Earth Alpha, where they belong.

The Griffins are told that they will probably have 0% chance of getting home, but they can help the other Griffins. Max agrees for his team, but in the back of all the Griffins’ minds they can’t help but think: they don’t belong, so what will happen to them when the other Griffins are back?

A great series, I enjoyed this last book very much. For those who have read the others and have been on your guard for the ending book, here it is! Fresh and stunning.

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