Back to School

I got to sleep at 12:00 last night, barely managed to get breakfast in, and personally thought that geometry wasn’t much fun, but for a first day of school, it wasn’t that bad. After all, it could have been worse right? And hey, I’m getting back to my favorite subjects: language, science, history, and geography.

Mom sounds like she has so much fun when talking to friends on the phone, I’d like to get a chance and talk to my friends as well sometimes. Yesterday I called up Emma A-.  We both have so many things in common, an exception for the fact Emma’s a blonde and is going to be sixteen (four years older than me). Maybe I’ll see her this year, but in the meantime, I’ll have to stick to sending emails and the occasional phone call.

Next time I call, I plan to exchange notes on what school was like. Being a few years older than I, I can assume that she’s going to have things a bit harder in math (her least favorite subject as well). Well, maybe just a lot harder.

Back to school hasn’t been so bad, and I’m glad my mind actually gets a workout, although my fingers tell me they’re a little wobbly on the piano again.

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