A Surprise



Have you ever been surprised, and the surprise was so wonderful that it felt like your heart was bursting with joy and love? I felt that yesterday, when Mom and Pop took us to Disneyland. For most people who have passes, that’s not a big deal. But it is everything to us. We have no passes and we haven’t gone in two years, since yesterday. It was such a blessing. Noel, Lina, Joseph, and I got up early to “take Pop to work.” He put on regular work clothes and faked a call to his business partner.
Then we got in the car, excited to take Pop to work and come back for our surprise. We drove far, and I read during that time. When I looked up, I saw a familiar bunch of trees. Since so many of my old memories are about in Disneyland, I have memorized the road leading to it. I couldn’t help but feel a flutter of hope in my heart.
Disneyland? We passed the familiar shops, businesses, and restaurants, all the while my excitement building up. Joseph started crying out all of a sudden, “Look! Look! Mickey Mouse!” He was right. There on a green lamppost, the familiar lamppost with all its curlicues was a poster for Disneyland with Mickey Mouse’s face on it. I turned to Lina who was thinking. I told her I recognized the way. We were nearing Disneyland. She looked at me and asked why we would be going. Thinking it was still for work, I told Lina that Pop must be going and checking the hotel. Lina nodded and smiled. But as we neared, I realized Pop couldn’t be working here, because we would have gone down the Downtown Disney road. I kept quiet, hoping that I wouldn’t spoil it. Still, I couldn’t help but feel my insides work up, ready for some fun. When we got out, I crowed out my surprise and joy. How we’d all waited for this day! After that, we rode on the tram to go! This time, we could go to California Adventure and Disneyland! We saw Cars Land, The Little Mermaid, and Toy Story. In Disneyland we had so much fun, because Joe and Lina were big enough for practically all of the rides! Star Tours, Space Mountain, Big Thunder Mountain, and Indiana Jones were all big hits!


I don’t think I’ll be able to forget the joy, fun, and love that became our family yesterday. Those memories are going to stay with me, forever, and ever. Mom and Pop are amazing, and I also thank them for all they’ve done (sniff). Anyway, stay tuned for my review of Catching Fire!

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2 Responses to A Surprise

  1. dogfordavid says:

    wounds like a wonderful surprise indeed : ) and a treasured memory to have : )

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