Heritage House

Heritage HouseSaturday we had our wonderful trip to The Heritage House; Nana (my mom’s mom) accompanied us. We were headed for somewhere none of us kids had been before and we planned to make the most of it.


There was an old school on the grounds, an adobe house, and a small church. We spent a lot of time exploring the vendor booths, finding knickknacks we enjoyed and crafts we could do.

I enjoyed looking at the wood-carving and music boxes, but we decided to skip out on making candles; it would have taken too long. At one table, a few girls were selling items for 25¢ only. I got two presents for people.

After, there was a puppet show. We found that fun to watch. It was “Thumbelina.” I think that the people who ran the show did a brilliant job! Some of the audience got sprayed with water or glitter.

When that was done we explored the house. It was very pretty. A man played Christmas carols on the violin for guests who came to look at the house. I enjoyed listening to his playing.

Once we’d seen just about everything we packed up into the car, dropping Pop and Joe off at the house. Then we girls went shoe shopping! It was fun to see how much my feet had grown (my new boots are 3 in women’s size as compared to my old ones that were size 1).

The tree at the mall is something we always see, so we got to take a picture in front with Nana. We stopped in at Pottery Barn and Bath & Body Works to show Nana a new scent and check out what was new. Mom tried to find a Starbucks ornament for Pop, but she didn’t like any of the available ones so we headed home.

Nana stayed for dinner: pasta with sautéed mushrooms and prosciutto. We watched a movie and enjoyed the rest of the evening with her. It was a very fun day.

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2 Responses to Heritage House

  1. dogfordavid says:

    sounds like a lot of fun : )

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