Caine’s Arcade

Caine's ArcadeLast Sunday we hoped to relax, but mom had a different plan. We watched a video on this boy, Caine. He built an arcade made of cardboard and had fun passes, tickets, and prizes! It was a very cool idea and he is very creative with how he did it.

Mom told us that at the aquarium there was going to be an event about Caine’s Arcade and that we would get to do projects.

I would like to say that it was exciting, or entertaining, but to be frank, it wasn’t at all what I thought it would be. They weren’t going to do any projects and all we did was watch a video. Then we listened to Caine and another man who runs the educational center speak.

Although disappointed, it was cool to have learned about Caine’s arcade.

Have you heard of Caine’s Arcade?

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