The Door

Recently, my Pop posted an illustration that he suggested I come up with a short story for I eagerly agreed, so for all the readers, here it is. I may not be able to finish it, so here is the first part:

The Door

Gwen Richardson sat up from a dream. Her heart beat fast, then slowed down as she realized it had only been a nightmare. BOOM! Lightning flashed through the window and Gwen drew up her knees, wishing for the gentle lap of rain. Dad was away on business, and mom was cleaning and fixing the house most of the day. Even though she was thirteen, she still had nightmares about her dad not coming back. BOOM! BOOM! The door squeaked open and sandy-haired Benny dashed in, wearing pajamas with teddy bears all over. “Gwen! Gwen!” Benny dashed into the bed and hid under the blanket. “The monsters are in my bedroom!” He whimpered as lightning flashed again. “Don’t be silly, Benny. It’s just,” Gwen began, but then a loud boom shook the room. “Thunder.” The door flew open again, this time hitting the wall. Justin, who was twelve, ran in. He was wearing a T-shirt and comfortable pants, as if he hadn’t been sleeping. “Let me guess, you’re scared too?” Gwen said sarcastically. Justin gave her a look. “Not funny,” he complained. Gwen sat up. “Well, then, what is it?” He shivered. “The door,” he replied, brushing a strand of dusty, brown hair out of his face. “The front door?” Gwen asked, confused. “No, that other door down in the basement.” Gwen drummed her fingers. “And your point is?” Justin walked out of the room and returned with a green box. “Look!” He said smugly, pointing at the note on top: North for gold, West for secrets, South for things of old, and East for things of new. “Someone’s idea of bad poetry,” she said. Justin rolled his eyes. “I want to see that door.” Gwen shrugged and got out of bed. “Fine. Let me grab clothes.” Justin waited with Benny. Five minutes later, she exited fully dressed. “All right, bucko. Prove your conspiracy.” She folded her arms over her chest. Justin led them down to the basement. “See?” He said, pointing to a note alike the one on the box. “So?” Gwen said, annoyed. “I’m going back to bed.” She turned around, but not before Benny could shriek. Two hairy arms were reaching out, glowing red eyes staring at its target: Benny. Before Gwen could react, Benny was snatched away and plunged into darkness.

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