The Hocus Pocus Hotel

The Hocus Pocus Hotel was a great book! Tyler “Ty” Yu is a very angry person and gets into a lot of fights. That’s why Charlie Hitchcock is very nervous when he finds out that Tyler has asked him to meet up where the hotel is located. He’s awed by the Hocus Pocus Hotel. “I’ve never been to the Hocus Pocus Hotel,” Charlie tells Tyler. Ty later informs him that it is the Abracadabra Hotel.  Tyler tells him he needs help finding out why a resident magician, Mr. Madagascar, is missing. If he doesn’t find the resident, he doesn’t get paid, which means no motorcycle, which he has been saving up for. Charlie knows that would probably end in a fight (which would last about two seconds), so he agrees to help. Through a few twists and turns, Charlie  and Ty solve the mystery of Mr. Madagascar and the mystery of a ghost, along with a couple other mysteries that Charlie uncovers.

This book was thin, but a great read! I liked the idea of a hotel where magic tricks subside and you never know what goes on around the corner. For readers who like magic and the bunny that will pop out of a hat, you should definitely pick this up. Like I said, though thin, it is a great read.
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