The Hero’s Guide to Saving Your Kingdom

The Hero’s Guide to Saving Your Kingdom was amazing! Brave Ella, a.k.a. Cinderella, is engaged to Prince Frederick, whom you probably know as Prince Charming. Ella is daring, pretty, and intelligent; everything a guy could wish for. But Prince Frederick is a bit on the proper side. He thinks fun is a picnic or staring at art for hours; not that Ella minded, at first. After a while it became a problem and she decided to ask about an adventure. Besides being terribly proper, Frederick is also scared very easily. The bravest thing he ever did was facing off with his father and asking to go on an adventure when he was seven! Ella, upset that he suggests a picnic again, leaves to find Rapunzel, who she thinks would be quite her style, as she saved the Prince after all. Frederick, learning of her idea, goes after her to gain her back.

In another kingdom, brave, strong Prince Gustav is upset that he is laughed at for trying to save Rapunzel. The girls are always the famous ones! So he tells Rapunzel to stop talking to him about her healing. Hurt, she decides to go off and heal people.

In yet another kingdom, Prince Liam, who is a big hero, is depicted as Prince Charming in the Sleeping Beauty tale. Wanting to know his soon-to-be-bride, Liam sets a meeting, only to find out Briar Rose is a conniving, lying, rude, and downright mean princess, spoiled to bits! Liam denounces her, hoping not to marry. Angry that the people hate him, although Liam doesn’t understand what is the matter. Liam leaves, downcast, hoping to find someone else to save. Frederick runs into Gustav, who agrees to help find Ella. Liam meets up with them as well, who is just as eager to save his reputation. So all three set out, meeting up with the witch from Rapunzel’s tale, Zaubera. Ella is in Zaubera’s clutches, and they can’t do anything about it! Along the way of following the witch, they meet up with yet another prince! Prince Duncan, husband of Snow White, is having his own troubles.  Together they find a bandit who is not what he seems, an inn that likes them for infamousness, and dozens of more escapades that will make you laugh!

I thought this was an excellent book. It was humorous, filled with adventure, and laid out the untold endings of your favorite fairytale princes and princesses. I recommend this book to anyone who liked The Princess Curse and The Silver Bowl.

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