The Princess Curse

The Princess Curse is a great book! Spirited Reveka has always wanted to be an herbalist, but living under the rule of a strict father, she is instead the apprentice of Brother Cosmin, who has few skills on herbalism, but is kind and tries to teach Reveka all she can. Nevertheless, she is determined to find a way to learn more about herbs and plants, so that one day she may join a convent and be their herbalist. Reveka knows of the curse that holds the princesses every night. Reveka hopes to win the reward and works her best to figure out what to do. But when her best friend is trapped in a spell that locks you into eternal sleep, Reveka must rely on wit, her knowledge of herbs, and the friends she has to solve the mystery and break the curse.

A great book, I think that the author did a splendid job. I loved reading this book. I highly recommend it.

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