The Silver Bowl

The Silver Bowl was a great book that I wanted to post about, but couldn’t, due to the fact that my blog had recent complications. Now that I am back on, I would like to write about the spirited Molly and her adventures. Molly was always trouble as a girl, but when she saw a vision of her neighbor dead, she got in even more. Now she has been seeing them a lot, and they always come true. Molly learns that she is magic, and that she may get in a lot of trouble, or be helpful that way. After she learns of the curse, Molly and her best friend must find a way to stop it from killing Prince Alaric, the only one left after a recent and tragic wolf attack. Molly and her friend are together in their friendship, but are they together as a team?

A brilliant book, I think this author has outdone him or herself. The rushing terror or a curse that can strike anytime, the majesty of a silver bowl that reveals the visions, and a mysterious enemy who eludes all attempt to be found make a great book with witty dialogue, humor, and friendship. I highly recommend this to anyone who liked The Frog Princess Series and Tuesdays at the Castle. Until tomorrow, where I right about another fantastical book that I enjoyed…

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