Tea Time Chaps!

Saturday we had a birthday party for my friend, Raquel, who was turning seven. We were invited to her tea party, which was a blast! It was so much fun to dress up, grab our dolls, and drink tea. So we dressed up, I in my Kit Kittredge dress and the others in nice summer dresses. We arrived with our dolls. I brought Kit and Ruthie mini dolls, Noel brought a big Josefina doll, and ‘Lina a mini Samantha doll, which is very rare. We got there and were able to choose some party favors, made by our hostess, Mrs. A-. We had tons of fun playing and making crafts, like rings, fans, and headbands for our dolls (I got to make mini ones for Kit and Ruthie), then we ate. Pizza is usually not a normal tea food, but who makes the rules? Anyway, after eating we got to play a lot more and spend time together. Finally, came dessert. I chose not to have any sweets, but just to drink tea; most nibbled on the cookies. We all discovered one thing though: We are serious tea fiends! After having several (maybe a good ten) cups of tea, we played games based on historical American Girl characters. Then we enjoyed the rest of the night together, having fellowship as friends. Mrs. A- did an excellent job and we all think that the party was a great success. The Lord really blessed us with this special night, and we have even more coming up!

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One Response to Tea Time Chaps!

  1. Tarissa says:

    Dressing up like the American Girls sounds like fun! I never had a doll or anything, but I sure enjoyed those books.

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