A Nest for Celeste

A Nest for Celeste is a great book about a mouse who goes through trials, trying to find a true home. Celeste is a timid mouse who makes her own baskets. When the cat eats up a bully (one of two rats) and leaves the other one scurrying away, it realizes, they weren’t the only ones there. Hungry, the cat blocks the entrance to Celeste’s home, and she, without a doubt, is homeless. Of course, she can always find a new home. But what makes a place home? The good food? The comfy beds? No, for Celeste, like the old saying goes, “Home is where the heart is” and her true home is very far away. Joseph, the apprentice of a painter, John James Audubon, finds Celeste and puts her in a cage she can slip out of anytime. Joseph and Celeste are soon good friends. But when Cornelius, a bird that Joseph finds, is put in the cage, he asks if Celeste, on a food scrounging trip, will pick up some dogwood berries. Eager to help her new friend, Celeste sets out, only to find herself caught up in a huge storm and lost. Meeting a friendly osprey named Lafayette, she rides in her own hand-crafted basket that Lafayette takes her in back home. Celeste loses Cornelius to winter, where he must go south. She is alone again, and must find a home. Will she?

This was a sweet, enchanting book that I loved. It was funny and the characters were rich. Thanks to the librarian, I found this book when asking if she would help me find a completely different one! I am very happy with this book. Until tomorrow…

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