Ordinary Magic

Ordinary Magic is a great book! In a world where magic is normal and being un-magical is not, Abigail Hale feels doomed to learn she is an ordinary person. She has nothing, no magic, and is something people try to avoid.

But Abby’s family isn’t just any family; it’s a loving one and not ready to give her up to adventurers Barbarian Mike and Trixie, who need an ord (ordinary) to do work for them. Ready to face anything; Abby’s oldest sister, Alexa, tells them the truth about her job for the king: She helps run a school for ordinary kids like Abby.

Not exactly thrilled, her parents send her, hoping to educate Abby. There Abby is friends with Fred, Peter, and Frances. Together they work through the school weeks; learning how to escape if they are kidnapped, how to defend themselves, and how to survive if alone. One day these kids will be adults and life won’t be easy if they are caught and used to other people’s advantage.

A few weeks go by and Abby’s life at school seems normal, until the Fall Fest arrives. Abby is kidnapped and Peter nearly so! Abby escapes and Mike is put in prison until his sentencing, while Trixie runs off to hide and thinks up a plan. Things are a little normal, until “red caps” (goblins who eat people) come and attack the school under Trixie’s manipulation.

Frances is sold away and nobody knows where she’s sold off to. Mike and Trixie are stuck together, banished from the kingdom. Abby and the rest of the school are saving Frances and others. Life for Abby settles back into a nice vacation at home.

I really liked this book! I couldn’t have even imagined what was in store, when I picked up the book. Until tomorrow…

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3 Responses to Ordinary Magic

  1. MiniFlamingo says:

    Hi Trinity,I am a mom of two boys, ages 9 and 5. We also homeschool and my oldest son likes to read and write as well. I think your writing is excellent and your blog will be helpful to me in selecting new books for my boys. I keep a blog at frolickingflamingo.com if you would like to read about our family. Keep up the good work!!The Flamingo

  2. The book sounds delightful. I have a feeling my boys would enjoy having this one read to them.A couple of pointers on the writing: 1) you are quite good! Keep at it and you will keep improving. You give a lovely synopsis without giving away too much of the story. 2) Be wary of switching tenses during your writing. For example, "Abby escapes and Mike is put in prison until his sentencing, while Trixie runs off to hide and thinks up a plan" should read "think up a plan". 3) Be sure to use "someone" when referring to a person, not "something".I can't wait to get a copy of this from the library. Thanks for the review!

  3. Dawn says:

    I wanted to mention that Lamplighter Publishing offers some great character building books that you might enjoy. Take a look at their website http://www.lamplighterpublishing.com/

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