Kasper, The Titanic Cat

Kasper, The Titanic Cat was a sweet, delightful book that I could not tear my eyes away from. Prince Kasper Kandinsky, the prince of cats, belongs to Countess Kandinsky, who sings opera. Johnny Trott, the main character, is a bellboy at the hotel SAVOY. He likes Kasper and wants Kasper to like him. As he gets to know the countess, he realizes she is like a mother he would like to have. When the Countess dies in a car accident, he and Kasper, who have become great friends, are now stuck with each other. Johnny hides him in his attic room until someone comes for him. When the Countess’ relatives come, their young daughter, Elizabeth Stanton, befriends Kasper and Johnny. She is nicknamed Lizziebeth, and the three enjoy one another’s company. But when Lizziebeth needs to go home on the Titanic and Kasper wants to go too, Johnny decides to stow away and works down in the boiler room. When the Titanic hits an iceberg on that fateful night, Johnny must leave Kasper to drown or else stay on board as it sinks. Lizziebeth and Johnny save Kasper and the Stanton’s adopt Johnny when they get back to New York. This was a great book, I liked it a lot.

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