Little Space, Lots of Books, and a Love of Reading

Our cousin gave us boxes and boxes and boxes of books, two or three months ago. Lately, he has given us a few more. I was surprised at how many books they own! We’ve found a bunch of good books.

Noel has confiscated Dragonology and Lina took that funny picture book If You Give a Mouse a Cookie. I found three mythology books and a country cookbook. My favorite find was a book full of baby names.

Now you’re probably thinking, why baby names? Well, since I’m a writer, I’m constantly thinking up books, characters, and places. What better way to think up names, than use a book full of names? Unfortunately, the book is very small. Although, it does give the meaning of the name, the country it is from, and if it is a feminine or masculine version of a different name. I found Antonia, which was the female version of Anthony, and more.

As to the post’s title, it frankly sums up our position. We still have three boxes full of books and frankly any of the books we like (except for my cookbook, which is going in a cupboard full of others) we have to keep on our personal shelf in our closet. So is it a good thing to get the books? Personally I’d say yes, but by the time we graduate, we’ll need a room for our books. Which is okay because the more, the merrier!

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One Response to Little Space, Lots of Books, and a Love of Reading

  1. PokeyJo says:

    Trinity,I have several of your blog posts about the books you've read, and some of your poetry. I just wanted to tell you that I think you're a wonderful writer. Your vocabulary is rich, and your writing reveals a depth of thought uncommon for your age. And not least, your spelling is impeccable. I'm making a note of your blog so that I can come back and continue to read your book reviews. I am sure it will be helpful in choosing books to engage my children's interests. Thank you so much for your opinions, and may God continue to bless your efforts to become a writer.

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