The Adventures of Robin Hood

The Adventures of Robin Hood was a jolly, funny, well written book. How Robin Hood and his band of merry men came to be is explained and the adventures begin! The characters are interesting and the comical adventures of Robin Hood and the merry men are great to read! One of the tales tells how Little John goes off for a day to play the part of a friar and Robin Hood goes off to play the part of a beggar. The hilarious antics of the band, the exhilarating escapes from the Sheriff of Nottingham, and their grand hospitality to guests will amuse anyone. I’ve been reading this, and I find that although the whole book was good, I felt really sorry for Robin in the end. All the merry men work for the king, but soon they drop off, until only Allan a Dale and Robin himself are left. The two are granted three days away and they go to Sherwood. Robin sorrowfully blows the old horn, only for Little John and the rest of the band to come running! Robin promises that he will never again leave the wood and they shall enjoy what they have left of their days together. But the angry King tries to capture Robin, so that he may again join his household. Many of the men die and Robin gains a fever. Little John takes Robin to one of the King’s nurses to heal Robin. Fearing she may be punished for helping Robin, she locks the door on Little John, then cuts one of Robin’s veins! She leaves him there to die and Robin painfully blows the horn. Little John comes to his aid and both weep over the loss of good friends. Robin takes up his bow, pulling his best arrow into it he sighs and says, “Wherever this may land, you shall dig my grave there.” As it just so happens, it lands in Sherwood Forest near the tree where the golden arrow used to hang (from the archery contest). Robin Hood dies in Little John’s arms. I thought that was such a sad ending, although I found it sweet where the arrow landed. So there ends the jolly tale of Robin Hood. Until tomorrow…

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One Response to The Adventures of Robin Hood

  1. Joyful Reader says:

    This is on my TBR list and you make it almost impossible for me to wait! Thanks for this great review!

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