The Familiars: Secrets of the Crown

The Familiars was an awesome book! Skylar and Aldwyn were amazing characters and Gilbert was funny. Aldwyn used to be an alley cat, before become a familiar, battling evil. He knows nothing about his past (and doesn’t care about it) until the Familiars’ newest quest has a strange connection with his father; but he can’t worry about that now. Paksahara, the queen’s old familiar, is plotting to raise an army of dead animals so that man will bow down to the animal species and Vastia will be a dark place under Paksahara’s rule. To stop her, the Familiars must find the Crown of the Snow Leopard. Still, Aldwyn is haunted by his uncle Malvern’s tales of his father. Was Baxley really selfish and cruel? As they journey, Aldwyn, Skylar, and Gilbert must face greed, being powerless, and more challenges. Aldwyn’s father is revealed to be a very good person, and Malvern an aid to Paksahara. Malvern is killed in their fiery battle and Aldwyn thinks he is alone. But no, he has a sister! Before they can find her though, they must stop Paksahara. I think this was a very cool book, packed with adventure and mystery. I also read on the inside jacket cover that a movie will be made on the book by Sam Raimi and Sony Animation. This book came out last year, so I don’t know if a movie will actually come out, but it sounds interesting! Until tomorrow…

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