Marissa Burt is now on my list of favorite authors! Storybound was a captivating, mysterious book that I enjoyed reading. I whole-heartedly recommend this to any reader who loved Inkheart.
Una Fairchild has no parents. One day she picks up a book. She blacks out, only to discover she has been written into the book! Peter Merriweather discovers her secret and helps her figure out how to fit in. As they work together, they believe the Muses are supposedly trying to destroy Story. Instead, they discover it was only one muse, Fidelus, who did these things! Una and Peter have to figure out how to save Story along with Sam, the talking cat; Endeavor (Indy) the son of a tale-keeper; and others. This story was left at a cliffhanger (which I kind of hate) but it is cool. I hope a second book is written, but we shall see. Tomorrow I will write about another great book. Until then…

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