Tuesdays at the Castle

Tuesdays at the Castle was instantly a favorite. It was laugh out loud funny, magical, and mysterious. I think Jessica Day George has just put herself on my mental list of favorite fantasy authors, along with Gail Carson Levine and E.D. Baker. In this exciting story, Princess Cecelia, known as Celie, is the youngest and always maps out the castle, that is constantly adding corridors, changing rooms, and providing objects when needed. The royal family love the magical castle and are glad to live there. But when the King and Queen leave to go to Bran’s (Bran is the oldest) graduation, they are attacked by bandits! Thinking them dead, the Emissiary and the royal council are plotting to crown the second eldest son, Rolf, king. Once he is king they plan for Prince Khlesh of the Vhervish country to become king. How will they do it? By making the council regents to Rolf and making him sign a paper that will declare Khlesh king! Celie, her sister Lilah, Pogue (Lilah’s suitor), and Rolf must figure out how to get their parents back and save the kingdom from Vhervish rule! This book is very interesting and I recommend it to readers who love magic, fantasy, and of course a pinch of family power.

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