Homer Price

Homer Price is a book filled with short, funny stories. I have finished it and found the book very funny. “The Cosmic Comic is a very funny story. Homer and his friend Freddy are big fans of Super-Duper, a comic character that is basically Superman. When Super-Duper will be at the theater for a new movie, both boys decide to go. They watch the movie, shake hands with Super-Duper, and enjoy themselves. On the way home, they see Mr. Super-Duper in his car. He crashes into the ravine. The boys think he will lift the car out with his ring finger just like that, but no! They discover that Super-Duper is not the hero they think!

In “The Doughnuts, a big movie has just come out and Homer’s Uncle Ulysses asks him to make a bunch of doughnuts for the folks who will get out of the theater. Homer agrees and his uncle goes to the saloon to play a little pinochle. Three people come into the shop while Homer makes the doughnuts. One of them is a rich woman who helps Homer make batter. She gets a dozen doughnuts to take home and leaves. The machine malfunctions while she is gone and produces more and more doughnuts. When everyone is getting doughnuts, a surprise arises when the lady returns: She offers a $100 reward for finding her diamond bracelet she dropped in the batter while making it. In the end all is well that ends well, for Rupert Black finds the diamond bracelet.

Yes, Homer Price is a very funny book!   

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