Kirsten and the Runaway Friend

In my homeschool group there is a girl my age named Hannah. She is a very good friend of mine. We both happen to like American Girl mysteries, so she lent me a book that I have been trying to find. I liked it a lot, and wish that I could repay her for her kindness. This book was very mysterious. Though usually (I don’t want to brag) I’m very good at figuring out a mystery, five chapters before the main character; I realized that I hadn’t figured it out this time. Instead this time I was lost, not seeing how one thing could connect to the other. Here’s how it was, picture this: there’s half of the family on each side of rushing river. They can’t swim across it, so they need a bridge. But what is it that they can use as a bridge? There’s nothing around. Its impossible for them to meet, but they try anyway. That’s sort of how it is with this book. I see both sides of the mystery, but what connects them? Until the last chapter, I couldn’t figure it out. That just goes to show you how great a detective I am. At least, I know I can figure out some mysteries. Anyway, I enjoyed this book immensely, and highly recommend it for a girl with a good eye, and a love for mysteries. Till next time…

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