Fun Night

I love Fun Night (or in other words Halloween)! We have so much fun. Of course I don’t go trick-or-treating like other people, I stay home. I’m sure you’re wondering, how is that fun? Wait, there’s more to it then just meets the eye. While all the lights are out and no candy is set, our own little Halloween party is going on inside. To protect the little ones from seeing scary stuff, we don’t do costumes. Instead, we set out to carve our pumpkins. This time however, we had three! I got the biggest, my youngest sister got the medium-sized one, and my other sister and my little brother, got to have the smallest. We each pulled out the ‘brains’ and then set out out to put a smile on the pumpkins. My pumpkin was carved in the traditional way we do it: Hearts for the eyes, they symbolize seeing with love; Cross for the nose (don’t ask me why); Fish for the mouth, it represents that verse: ‘Jesus said unto them, And I am making you fishers of men. Now go and the disciples left him.” We are to be fishers of men and speak the gospel; Bibles for the ears, to hear the Word of God. Noel and Joseph’s pumpkin was fashioned like the regular jack o’ lantern. Angelina had the word Jesus written on one side, and a cross on the other. After carving, we changed into pajamas. We ate pizza, popcorn, cookies, roasted and salted pumpkin seeds, and drank soda. Then we watched the fourth episode of Star Wars. It was so much fun! Though, we didn’t get to watch the fifth or the sixth, but we are going to watch the sixth tonight. That’s all for now, and I hope that I can write again soon!

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