Keepers was awesome yesterday! We had so much fun making scarves. On them were pockets! I loved adding on the large buttons to finish off my scarf. Yaya (my grandma) helped me learn how to tie knots and sew on buttons. There is nothing like having your own grandma help you sew something amazing. This may not be complicated or really big, but it was a good fun project, and I enjoyed it. Soon, we will make patterned scarves, instead of keeping the black ones. That will be fun. Maybe I can give Yaya my scarf for Christmas since I won’t be needing it, and I’m sure she would like it. Well that’s all until tomorrow…

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  1. Tarissa says:

    Oh, you are in Keepers? That is wonderful. I used to be in Keepers myself. I've now graduated from school, but my mom homeschooled my brother & I all my life. I think homeschooling is the best way to learn! Keepers was very important to me, and I enjoyed making things. I remember making pot holders, practicing my embroidery stitches, and cooking too. It was a lot of fun!Blessings,~ Tarissa{ In the Bookcase }

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