The Dragon in the Sock Drawer

Hi! Back to my normal blogging. NOW I finally have a book to write about! The Dragon in the Sock Drawer is an awesome book for younger readers. It is about two cousins, Jesse and Daisy. Jesse’s over adventurous (and kind of chaotic) life is tiring him out, so Jesse goes to stay with his cousin and best friend, Daisy, in America. Both are into fantasy (like me) and have fun making their ‘Museum of Magic.’ When Uncle Joe takes the two up to find rocks,  Jesse finds what is called a ‘thunder egg.’ They are supposed to be full of crystals, but Jesse’s egg happens to smell like red chili peppers and talk. The egg’s surface even breaks three of Uncle Joe’s tough saws, that would cut you if you touched them! Jesse’s life changes when the egg hatches and out comes a dragon. However, the evil St. George, dragon-slayer and blood-sucker of dragons (he drinks the dragon’s blood to keep him alive for centuries), shows up and he takes the dragon. Panicked, Jesse and Daisy find a way to save their dragon. The dragon turns into a sheepdog (a clever disguise). The cousins are allowed to keep him for now. I really like this book.

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