Konos: Determination

Determination! I will be determined to make my dream, to be the youngest novelist ever, come true. Competing athletes in the Olympics have determination. People with handicaps are determined to live a good life despite their problems. Builders working are determined to finish.

In our Konos unit study, we are talking about determination. While studying the Olympics, we did our own mini games. I sort of won the crawling race (instead of a foot race). For discus, we threw a paper plate. I won again. Then for javelin we did a toothpick. I won a third time. In wrestling we did arm wrestling. I did not put my heart into it, and eventually gave up trying (I really didn’t want to do arm wrestling) and Noel won; she is pretty strong. Of course it was the younger children against each other and I against Noel. For handicaps we watched a video on deaf people and watched a cartoon without any sound. “It was so odd,” Lina said. When studying blindness we had to close our eyes and Mom described something and we had to guess what it was. When we learned about Joni Erik Sentada we had to paint with our mouth! It was fun and hard. It taught us to appreciate all the abilities most of us take for granted. Today we learned about different bridges. Wow! Some are amazing! Well, I’ll write tomorrow…

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