Sootface: An Ojibwa Cinderella Story

Sootface is a good book. It is one of the many versions of Cinderella I’ve read. This retelling is suspenseful. I wonder every time I read it what the young “prince” (or magical cheiftan) looks like. In this version a test is given to determine who will marry the prince, it was interesting. Each young girl was sent to speak with the “prince’s” sister and asked an important question. If she answered correctly, she would be wed. I loved the fact that the “prince” had a bow made of rainbow and it was strung with white fire. “Like the Milky Way, the Path of Souls,” Sootface said. In the end Sootface and the “prince” all live happily ever after. But what version doesn’t she? I think this was one of the most interesting versions of Cinderella.

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