Summer Stuff

The summer has been very interesting. Packed with swimming days, field trips, and visits from friends; we have had the time of our life. We watched some new movies this summer and did the Summer Reading Program. At the beginning of summer we went and watched Cars 2. Joseph was lucky, he got a Cars ™ toy (he’s the youngest, mmpphh)! We said hello and goodbye when our Tia Nene came for a week and left. She left before my birthday on July 10th. Then it was my birthday….

Now we have a new tradition. For each of the girls’ tenth birthdays, we will go to American Girl Place. Woohoo! On my birthday, Pop and Mom decorated. I usually make decorations for everyone’s birthdays, and for my birthday they put up streamers (pink and white ones), white stars (with a pinkish sheen and short streamers hanging from the bottom), pink and silver balloons all over the floor, and the rock things (Mom says they are used to hold down balloons) wrapped up in paper.  It was soooo amazing. Mom and Pop gave an awesome present: they gave me a Kit Kittredge outfit. I got two shirts and a card from Yaya & Yayo. Tia gave me a hand-made card. Nana gave me a book and a Ruthie ™ doll. Also, I thought we were going to eat at a Chinese restaurant. Pop and Mom had another surprise for me: we ate at the American Girl cafe`! I never had eaten there before! I got my own magazine with my photo on it and I showed Nana all the historical American Girls. I read books and then we rode the trolley and explored the Farmer’s Market.

After that week, Pop’s B-Day came. I decorated, we gave him presents, were lazy and watched movies all day. The rest of the summer we swam, played, did workbooks, and basically all had fun. Plus, last week we went to a drive-in! We had airheads, popcorn, granola bars, and an occasional sip or two of Pop’s Mocha Frappuccino. Pop made a picture of what the drive-in looked like. I enjoyed this summer!

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