Let Your Light Shine

Let Your Light Shine is a book I am writing. It is about a girl named Gwen Brown, who lives with her Mom, Dad, and brother, Jonathan, at her grandparents house. Fifty percent of their bank money is lost and Gwen’s Dad loses his job. All of a sudden, big accidents start happening and it’s all in the hands of God. But when their house catches fire, the family is doomed to move in a new house. Finding that it is not so bad, Gwen tries to make friends with the girls at school, but nobody wants to invite her into their circle. After building another treehouse, with her inventions helping pull things up and move around, Gwen discovers a Jewish girl who is not welcomed either. Despite the fact that they live in families with different cultures (Christianity and Judaism), the two become fast friends; they share crafts, stories, and foods they make. They even trade gifts! Everything seems perfect, and the girl is even learning to acknowledge the fact that Jesus, could be the messiah! When everything appears wonderful, and the little candle of happiness in her heart has just been lit, the world comes crashing down around them. Gwen’s friendship is forbidden and she is not allowed to meet her friend. Worst of all, the house they are boarding in is not going to be their temporary home! They’re leaving. Meeting in secret and reading the Bible to her friend, Gwen wants the girl to believe in Christ, but can she make it happen before the moving day? And will she ever see her friend? A Bible based novel, this story is going to be packed with friendship, love, loyalty, faithfulness, family, and God. I can’t wait to get it finished and send it in! Maybe it will be published…

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