I wrote an article about the Pet Expo that we went to last weekend.  Here it is my article:
              The Pet Expo finally came around. Before heading out, Noel Grau, age 7, said,”I remember getting allergic to the rats last time. My eyes got red and puffy and I started sneezing. It was an embarrassing first. But I love the kitties and rabbits. They are adorable.” After this quick memory, the Grau troop headed for the car. When they got to the Pet Expo, they found a chilling breeze awaiting them from the beach. Frank Grau Jr. (Pop) said, “It isn’t as exciting as last year, when we were looking for a dog, but when I’m with my family, I enjoy myself. Also, there were some new things that were cool to see and it comes once a year, so it’s a special event to everyone. I like seeing the bulldogs and little llamas. The horse show was funny. They had it last year. I’m sure the kids enjoyed all the baby animals and had just as much fun as I did.” The family entered through the gates and took a little route to a big building, in which the show office was, where Nana worked. She comments,”It’s exciting and interesting to work here. It’s fun to see the Adoption Center and the horses. It is cool to see different places, San Diego, Sacramento, and even Las Vegas. I like Splash Dogs, where dogs go and jump for their toys in the water. The Pet Expo can get busy, but it’s still amazing to see people at work here.”  Nana walked around with them for a little bit, and showed them the Kids’ Aquarium Contest. Then she left. They saw shows with knights. They touched starfish, dogs, cats, turtles, and a variation of other pets. Then they went to see a farm at the back of the fairgrounds. Nana came and ordered a pizza or two and saw the baby piglets. They were so cute, especially the runt. Then the Grau’s departed. All in all it was a wonderful Pet Expo.

                                                                                                                    -Trinity Grau, 9 

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