Jonathan’s Predicament

Mandie has just gotten her father’s house! Now, she is going to New York to visit Jonathan Guyer, the young man she met on her way to Europe, with her grandmother. She doesn’t know why her grandmother is acting odd about visiting the Guyer’s house, but she doesn’t want to come. Mandie goes with her friend Celia to visit Jonathan and stay at his house. But when they find a dog, a mysterious girl comes and claims the dog is hers. The dog, having no tag, barks at her and growls. Mandie, Jonathan, and Celia do not know why she claims him. Then one day they see the butler, Jens, speaking to a foreign man. Jens does a lot of conversing with the people, and finally Mandie figures out that the girl is Jens daughter! Jens is paid to get a house where he and she can live. Then Mandie goes home. Christmas will be coming soon, and Jonathan and Joe will finally meet. Mandie can’t wait! Till next time…

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