The Firebird

The Firebird by Gennady Spirin is a very good book! This tale is taken from three Russian folk tales: Ivan-Tsarevitch and Gray Wolf; Baba Yaga; and Koshchei, the Immortal. In this tale, a great and mighty Tsar has discovered that something has been eating his golden apples! When his third son, Ivan-Tsarevitch finds out what it is, a firebird, the Tsar sends his son to get the bird for himself. Ivan meets a wolf who helps him to get to the palace in which the firebird is kept. But Ivan touched the cage in which the bird is kept, and instantly the king and his guards come. Ivan begs for forgiveness, and because Ivan’s father is his friend, he consents, only if Ivan finds and gives him the horse with a holden mane. So Ivan goes. But he touches the golden bridle on the horse. The same thing happens, this time the king asking for his daughter that Koshchei the Immortal has. Ivan seeks the help of Baba Yaga the witch, whom the wolf advises. He finds the princess and falls in love with her, fighting courageously against the evil Koshchei and slays him once and for all. The two kings are given what they asked for, and Ivan marries the princess. Great story!

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