American Girl Magazine

American Girl Magazine is a fun, safe magazine for girls only. In the September/October Issue I got from the library, I learned a lot about girls unlike and like me! One of the amazing things I read was about a family that had just twins in it. The second set of twins born were both girls and wrote to American Girl. Their names were Kerima and Zenebe. In their family they have twin dogs too! They have older brothers who are twins and twin baby sisters also! Kerima loves to draw and is older by one minute and Zenebe is taller and a little shy. She likes to sew. Each one is different in her own special way, and alike in the same way! That’s what’s so cool about American Girl. They don’t care if you are a really popular girl and have an amazing life or job, they don’t care if you don’t really have that many exciting things to share. They let you be yourself!!! I love American Girl Magazine!!!

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