The Black Circle

In this book, Amy and Dan Cahill travel to Russia! They are in for some big surprises. Amy keeps having flashbacks about the night her parents died, but ignores them as more is learned about the Lucian branch and they travel through Russia. Irina Spasky and Isabel Kabra are now getting ready to pounce, though Irina is having second thoughts about what she’s doing. The Kabras want to side up to the young troop (which includes their au pair, Nellie, and their ever hungry cat, Saladin), but Amy and Dan want none of it. They explore museums and libraries, learning more about what they are pursuing. Along the way they meet Natalia, the daughter of Anastasia, daughter of a previous Tsar in Russia. They discover the fifth clue, and get a lead to Sydney, Australia. It is really cool. The 39 Clues is an awesome series! I can’t wait to write about the sixth book!

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