The Maze of Bones

The Thirty-Nine Clues is a great book series. There are two kids named Amy and Dan Cahill. Their parents died in a fire, and their guardian abandoned them when they began the search for the thirty-nine clues. The clues lead to some great power, the source of the Cahill family’s power. There are four branches of the family. The Lucian, Janus, Tomas, and Ekaterina branches. There is also another branch, the Madrigals, that are very, very, very, deadly. Nobody knows much about them and the Madrigals don’t associate with anybody else in the family. Certain people, randomly selected, in the family, are called to choose between two options. They can either take one million dollars per person and walk away, or become a contestant, in the search for the thirty-nine clues, against other dangerous players.  Amy and Dan have twelve opponents. Amy and Dan manage to find the first clue, Ben Franklin, and get a lead start. I can’t wait to write about the second book…

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