Betrayal at Cross Creek

Betrayal at Cross Creek is about a Scottish girl who’s family is being betrayed. Elspeth is living during the time of the Revolutionary War. She believes in what the patriots fight for, yet she doesn’t like the way the Scottish are treated by the rebellion forces. When two of her cousins get angry at the patriots for frightening Elspeth, they run away to join the British Navy. Afraid for their safety, Elspeth’s grandfather joins the Loyalist Militia. When someone gets word to the Rebellion Force about where the troop of Scottish and British men are headed to, Elspeth’s cousins and grandfather become endangered. Soon, one of her cousins is killed in the battle, and Elspeth faces the greatest mystery of all her life: who betrayed her family? This intriguing story is one of my favorite American Girl books of all times!

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