Me and My Friends

I am writing a story about me falling into a magical world. Wow! I thought it would be fun to write an abridged version here of the first chapter:

                                                                       Me and My Friends
                                                                   #1 The Magic Funhouse

     I looked around the fairgrounds at all the rides. There were smells of corn-on-the-cob, roasted turkey leg, and churros. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I looked to my right. Behind a building, there lay a funhouse. “Oh! Lets go there first!” I dragged Pop’s hand and finally, when he wouldn’t go any faster, I broke free and ran. “Trinity!” Called Mom. I stopped and slowly turned around. “Yes?” I was disappointed. “Don’t run away from us, OK?” I shrugged. “OK.” I walked slowly toward the funhouse. When we reached it, I looked up at the plastic sign.  The sign read in swirly writing: Magic Funhouse. It looked like wood. So realistic. I jumped and just barely touched it. I gasped. It was real wood. I glanced at the man running it. He was all smiles. I smiled back at him. He had warm, brown eyes, and dark hair. He was dressed casually. He was wearing a gray shirt and jeans. He had a fedora on and he held it to his chest as he bowed low. “Welcome to my amazing, magic funhouse. An adventure awaits you inside.” I looked down at the bag slung around my neck. Gigi, July, Story, Hilda, and Kit rested in it. Kit’s head was so small and it blended in with the bag. I could see her twinkling, blue eyes. Go on, she seemed to say, ask how much it is. I felt assured, so I looked up. “How much is it to go inside the funhouse, sir?” The man smiled. “My name is Mr. Mann, and the magic funhouse is free.” I looked hopefully up at Pop. He grinned. “Go ahead.” I ran in, my heart leaping. What were these “adventures” Mr. Mann had been talking about? Whatever they were, they were sure to be amazing. I climbed ladders, took a little ride on a mini roller coaster, and did so many other things I couldn’t possibly remember. I finally found myself at a room filled with nothing but doors. I stared around in puzzlement. Some doors had fake backgrounds, but some were just plain oak doors. I stared at a gingerbread house. This looked promising. I closed my eyes and opened the door. I stepped through and opened my eyes. A swirl of colors had taken effect in the air, and I felt dizzy. Silver and gold sparkles glowed and glittered in the air. They settled after ten seconds. I blinked and looked around. This wasn’t the funhouse at all! 
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One Response to Me and My Friends

  1. Tia Nene says:

    Trinity, you've definitely come a long way in your ability to create a scene! I could smell the smells and see everything you described — good job! I also like how you've left us at a cliff-hanger that makes us want more — very clever! I look forward to reading the whole story.

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