Happy Holidays!

So much has happened during Christmas vacation. Family, friends, making cards for soldiers, going up to the mountains to visit a family in our homeschool group, and more! But in the last week and days, we celebrated the holidays. First, Christmas. Not the the exact day of Jesus’ birth, but what can we say? We weren’t there to know when Jesus was born. He could have been born in Summer, for all we know! So with all the Christmas stuff we were busy and then there was the party (more like a little family thing) for the New Year! For the first time ever, I managed to stay up to midnight. I have been allowed to, but I couldn’t stay awake! We (Joe, Lina, Noel, and I) had sparkling apple cider. Our little get-together wasn’t much, but it was still a ton of fun! For now that’s all, but tomorrow there’ll be more…

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