Christmas Time

Oh, how I picture days when my hair was as straight as a stick, and my skin as soft as a flower petal. In my younger days Christmas was a surprise to us. Mom and Pop put the tree, and all the other decorations, up early on Thanksgiving morning. We would rush out of our bedroom, full of surprise, laughter, and merriment. Today, each of us, even me, are surprised thanks to Mom and Pop. When Noel was still a toddler, we would join hands and dance around, sip cocoa, and totally enjoy ourselves. I look back on those times and wish that I could go back to when my baby brother was just born, my youngest sister barely walking, Noel just barely in Pre-K, and me in first grade. Each of us would sit by the fire and pull wonderful items out of our stockings. I treasure pictures of our wonderful Christmases and the memories that go along with them, and I can’t wait for this next one…

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