The Magic Tree House

Written my Mary Pope Osborne, these books are some of the best I have ever read! Easy to read, I can go through a whole stack of them in one day, and still be ready to read more. I have read all of Ms. Osborne’s books, and like to get them again and read them over and over until a new one comes out. The newest one she has come out with is called Ghost Tale for Christmas. I can’t wait to read her next one! I am a big fan of her books. As always, the stars of the new book will be the unforgettable Jack and Annie. Jack is a very sensible kid, who likes to think things out before doing something. Annie is like me, who likes adventure and takes off without thinking about things. In Ghost Tale for Christmas, Jack and Annie go back in time to when Charles Dickens was alive and writing books. In each of the previous books, Jack and Annie have inspired people with the horn of a unicorn. The horn of the unicorn turns into a different instrument for each mission. When the instrument is played, Annie or Jack have to sing something that will help the person understand their purpose, but the instrument can only be used once. In the new book Annie sings about the ghosts that will be in Dickens’ next book: A Christmas Carol. The ghosts come to Charles Dickens and show him what could happen if he stops writing. This book is just as interesting as the other books. I can’t wait for the next book!!!

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