Liberty’s Kids

Liberty’s Kids is a cartoon series of stories about children living during the Revolutionary War. The oldest child, James Hiller, is a patriot and believes that America should become it’s own country. The second oldest child, Sarah Phillipps, is a British girl from England, who doesn’t believe in everything that England is doing, but still doesn’t want to be a patriot. The youngest child is from France, who came to America on a ship with his parents. His parents died on board, and he had to fend for himself. He became the captain’s cabin boy to pay for his passage on the ship. The two older kids are journalists. The younger one is a nuisance. In Liberty’s Kids the episodes tell of the Boston Tea Party, the battle of Lexington and Concord, the shot heard around the world, and Paul Revere’s midnight ride. Liberty’s Kids is educational and fun!!!!

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